MFW SS 21:Montenapoleone 1838 By Shopping Diva's

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, the first edition of the Montenapoleone 1838 event was held on Monday 28 September, organized by the Milanese showroom Shopping Divas, which is based in the heart of the fashion district.a.

The event, which officially closed the Milan Fashion Week, saw the alternation of various fashion shows of numerous brands in the prestigious setting of the Serra la Fenice, in the background, the Sforzesco castle..

Levento was made in two stages and saw the presentation of the SS 21 collections byi Shy of Vanessa Aresu, Marco Del Forte, Giulia Rositani, Suei, Arctic, Lucia Pi, Laura Santucci, Ripalta Daniello, Emilio Schubert is Grace.

But now let's get to know the protagonists who walked the Milan Fashion Week.

Montenapoleone 1838 Presentation of the Brandd

Montenapoleone 1838 by Shopping Diva's

In his creations Vanessa Aresu brings his experience and his experience. In each of her dresses we can find an authentic passion for the colors and flavors of life. Timide is a new brand that wants to enhance romanticism and femininity. For an elegant woman who loves the refinement of details. Lace, transparencies, precious fabrics to wrap the feminine sinuosity..

The new collection of the brand MDF Marco Del Forte he caught the attention of everyone present with his creations. MDF Marco del Forte is a made in Italy clothing company based in Vinci that has been working internationally for years. Women's outerwear are made with various materials, leather, furs but also wool and other natural fabrics.i.

The collections of Giulia Rositani animate an ironic and dreamy spirit. The woman they are dedicated to is multifaceted, daring with colors, breaking the monotony of flat shades to emphasize the class of a refined style. The innate passion for drawing is fulfilled in the creation of hand-made prints, all personally designed by the stylist, and which immediately became a distinctive feature of her stylistic vision.

The art of craftsmanshipà 

Sophisticated craftsmanship and good taste. This is how we can summarize the concept on which the brand's creations are basedSUÈI, which focuses on exclusivity to emphasize its owna first footwear collection for FW 2020. Themust of the collection is the boot: Suèi through its collection, marks its history, evolution and re-editing through a sort of celebration..

The continuous and tireless research of market trends has led to experimenting with new shapes and combinations: mixed and reversible garments, and noble fibers such as cashmere and langora that are intertwined with shearling and suede..

In 2010 to the traditional collectionArctic, alongside the more gritty collectionRoncarati. The result is an offer of outerwear in line with the needs of a conscious and demanding clientele, which recognizes the elegance and value of products that can be fully qualified as luxury craftsmanship.o.

Enhancing the feminine charm and elegance, but also the unique and inimitable personality of each person is the mission of the designerr Lucia Pi. In each of his creations, glamor, attention to detail and the quality of the materials used are evident. Each dress is designed and made by the expert hands of seamstresses who take care of the embroidery of each creation.

Art, curtain and charm

Montenapoleone 1838 by Shopping Diva's

Laura Santucci, Fashion Designer and founder of the Maison Santucci brand, is a twenty-five-year-old girl of Romagna origin, who has cultivated her passion for fashion and art since childhood, studying and working in the sector in Paris and Milan. His artistic works come to life through his collection.e.

It was the 50s wheno Schuberth wins the title of tailor of the divas. Among his clients, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Anna Magnani; but also Princess Soraya, the Duchess of Windsor, Maria Pia of Savoy, Rania of Jordan, Evita Peron.n.

Everyone dreamed of a Schuberth dress for the wedding day so much that it was included in the invitation: “The bride will be wearing a Schuberth dress”. What everyone was looking for in Schuberth was not simply beautiful clothes, but feeling like a divas. Today, just like yesterday, the Schuberth house wants to represent the elegance of women through its haute couture creations..

The inspiration ofi Ripalta Daniellocomes from his experience. His collections are inspired by the sensations and experiences that life offers us. The latest collection is inspired by the wonderful and colorful world of Africa. After a business trip he wanted to immortalize the sensations in a new collection. The fabrics used represent the essence of the African

Montenapoleone 1838 beachwearr

Umberto Zive - Montenapoleone 1830 by fashion Diva's 

Grace is a brand ofGrace Of Miceli and comes from her experience, gained in the fashion world over the past 10 years and from her encounter with an extraordinary animal:Peacock.

The peacock symbolizes thevanity, theluxury, thelongevity, love but also spring and rebirth..

Francesca Castellano, with its gallery Chicca Art collection represents contemporary art and deals with artistic promotion on social media and organizes events and contemporary art fairs. During the event he exhibited the custom bodies of the Milanese artist,se, Umberto Zive.

The artist concentrates on the realization of a long-thought-out project by creating his fabulous Money Cycle in which the eclectic and creative artist conceptually portrays the power of money Money in all its forms.oni.

His creative range is vast, which he explores with curiosity and originality, passing from Diabolik to Superheroes, from contemporary cartoons to great classics such as Scrooge and Donald Duck.

A big thank you goes to all those who believed in the success of Montenapoleone 1838, as well as to the various make-up artists of the AIEM Academies and the Stefano Anselmo Academy..