The personal interpretation of women in fashion is always the result of experiences and sensations. These often arise from messages and emotions that the places and populations visited give the traveler..

My experience stems from a recent trip to Guinea, a suggestive nation on the African continent overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. In those places the influence of French taste blends with the joyful African style.o.

The clothes are made with brightly colored fabrics, made eye-catching by the addition of jewelry worn by women on holidays. I have noticed women walking in very humble, chaotic and polluted environments, releasing sensuality and elegance..

I therefore created my Game of contrasts using these fundamental elements: the Simplicity of the Guinean population who, despite fighting every day for their own survival and that of the African continent, live their colorful life never losing their smile and

The Sensuality given by the European lines that depopulate on the Milanese and Parisian catwalks and the Preciousness of the jewel element that enriches and distinguishes my collection..

"My inspiration comes from the origin of all life. My collections are inspired by the myriad of sensations and experiences that life offers us. Life is a gift in that it gives us the possibility to feel emotions. I simply collect them. and I make clothes. I tell my life through the clothes I design "no"