Born in a thriving Cerignola of the 70s, Ripalta, known by all as Titty, grew up cultivating her passion for beauty, taste and fashion.

Moved to Siena in the early 2000s, she began to give a first face to her passion by opening an atelier in the heart of the Tuscan town. The signatures of the great fashion houses that populated her atelier increased her love for beauty; the attention to detail and the awareness that it is often the very habit that a monk makes.co.

The vicissitudes of life distance her, albeit only temporarily, from the world of fashion. A parenthesis that fortunately is destined to end. Although established in her life as an entrepreneur, she decides to look for the true face of her passion: the stylist.

Today, his collection is the demonstration of how in life it is never late to pursue one's desires and that determination and perseverance only the salt for success. This collection represents a synthesis of the experiences of her life: the elegance of a Mediterranean woman and the charm and colors that she got to know in an experience in the heart of Africa.ca.

Africa and the Mediterranean, two opposite worlds that the designer wanted to combine in a single collection. Two different women who in this collection are inexorably close because both are enhanced by bright stones. Different cultures, clothes and styles whose lunion thread is made up of the taste for beauty.lo.

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