Interview whit the Stylist Ripalta Daniello


1.What drove you into the fashion world?

Without a doubt, my path in the world of fashion hides a story“different” from the usual. Different because, although I have always been linked to this world, I only started to realize my passion a few years ago. I am very much a believer. I believe that our lives have been attributed a very specific destiny and I also believe that this destiny has been designed for some particular reason. When I decided to enroll in the fashion academy, I had a complete life: a happy family with a husband and three children who supported me and support me in all my choices; a well-established entrepreneurial job over the years that I carry on in parallel with my husband Maurizio, many friends and people by my side who loved me and love me.

Still, I was missing a piece to truly consider my life complete. And that's where fate comes into play. I believe that, having undertaken this path in a flourishing period of my life, was the keystone. In fact, I embarked on this path with a determination and a maturity that perhaps I would not have had in other periods anymore“unripe”. Today, I know what I want and I am determined to achieve the goal. I think this makes a difference..

2.What are you inspired by when you think about your collections?

My inspiration comes from the origin of everything “the life”. My collections are inspired by the myriad of sensations and experiences that life offers us. Life is a gift as it gives us the opportunity to feel emotions. I simply collect them and make clothes. I tell my life through the clothes I design. My latest collection, for example, is inspired by the wonderful and colorful world of Africa. I went on a business trip to Guinea. The sensations I felt on this trip have marked me. And that's how I decided to immortalize them in a collection.e.

I also believe that African fabrics have great potential. They are beautiful fabrics that contain all the essence of the African people..

In contrast to the world of Africa, in my collections always reigns the “Made in Italy”. I am Italian, I was lucky enough to grow up in one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity and artistic heritage in the world. Italian identity is a brand that will never end. It strengthens and evolves over time but leaves its distinctive essence intact. Here! This is what I want to represent in my collections..

3.What is fashion for you?

Without any doubt, fashion is art. But I believe that there is nothing new in this statement. Art is the oldest conductor of feelings. When you create a new dress you give life to emotions. It is as if, among the silk, tulle and organza, the designer wedged the essence of his emotions. The noblest goal of fashion is to make those who observe or wear your collections feel the essence of the feelings you want to convey.tere.

Humanity needs beauty, especially in a post-COVID-19 period like this. Fashion, art and beauty can save humanity from sadness and depression. So fashion is art, but why not it is alsohe “medicine of the mind”.

4. What were the main constraints on your path?

As previously mentioned, I started my career as a stylist only a few years ago. For me this was absolutely not a limit, but a strength. I feel I have embarked on this path with a different maturity and with a rich life baggage. I have so many energies and so many ideas that need to be released. And that's what I want to use in my collections. Instead, a weakness is certainly the digitalization aspect of the fashion world. I am not an expert in graphics and therefore I have to rely on collaborators who take care of these aspects. Of course, it gets more and more complex when someone other than you has to personify your ideas. In this case, harmony and empathy play a fundamental role in success. In any case, life is made up of challenges and limits because, without them there would be no ambitions and propensity for improvement. I like to get involved and in the coming years I will certainly focus on perfecting the digitization of my artistic

5. How was the experience of the Fashion Week in Milano?

It seems trivial to say it but it was simply“only”. For me it was a great honor to be present on the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week with the Montenapoleone 1838 by Shopping Divas event. I had the honor and the pleasure of seeing my dresses worn by fantastic models including Valentina Corvino, the youngest model of Apulian origins in the world and testimonial of numerous world-famous brands. My career as a stylist has just begun and, in a few years, I have reached the Top of the catwalks of the Italian territory. Milan is Milan! Only fully understand this expression when you live it. Milan is without any doubt the most European city in our area. The city where opportunities are around the corner and where inspiration comes from all sources. This experience has given me the opportunity to confront myself with a new world, to open my horizons, to strengthen my potential.nziale.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

The world of fashion is my natural dimension. In the next few years I see myself exactly on this path. In recent years, my personal and professional growth curve has been positive. The goal is to ensure that this curve continues to grow. The experience in Milan was a new door that opened. Now, the goal is to broaden my network and structure my passion. Fashion will never stop. I will continue to feed the passion that will lead to the creation of new

7.How do you see the fashion of the future?

As previously stated, I believe in destiny very much. The historical period we are experiencing of COVID-19 is perhaps a signal that the planet is giving us. We must take advantage of new techniques and technologies to move towards eco-sustainable fashion. In this team, young people play an important role.

Young people, with their ideas, will allow the creation of innovative start-ups aimed at developing fashion while respecting the territory. I will invest a lot in young people. I strongly believe that the combination of youthful innovation and the experience of those who are no longer very young can be the magic potion for the future.o.

Respect for the environment will be achieved in the future also through the study of fabrics and techniques that will allow the use of natural elements that have not been used until now. But I will not say more! He hoped he could impress with new projects that are already in the works!e!