Africa, the Mediterranean and the taste for beauty are the inspirations of designer Ripalta Daniello

From the last Milan fashion week, inspiration has emerged 
and elegance of the designer Ripalta Daniello,
Apulian by birth, Tuscan by adoption..

Among the numerous collections shown during the last Milanese fashion week, it could not fail to go unnoticedo lestro and eleganceza presented on the catwalk by the designer Ripalta Daniello.
Originally from the charming town of Cerignola, in Puglia, Ripalta Daniello she settled in Siena, where she opened her atelier and from which her professional adventure in the world of fashion began.

The creations presented by this emerging brand, they represent a synthesis of the experiences lived by Ripalta Daniello, that has combined the elegance of the Mediterranean woman with the charm of the colors that she had the opportunity to discover during a recent trip to the heart of the African continento.
L’Africa and the Mediterranean: two opposite worlds that Ripalta has been able to masterfully combine and reinterpret in a single collectione, representing an ideal encounter between two types of woman and two different cultures but which in her latest creations are inexorably close; both enhanced by luminous stones and set in the textile jewels that adorn the clothes, Ripalta Daniello has created a mix of different cultures and styles whose common denominator is the taste for beauty.

The creator of the homonymous brand has thus interpreted her emotions, her feelings as a traveler givingo origin to a new, elegant and refined woman, completing her with the joy of the African world.
The clothes, made with brightly colored fabrics, are made eye-catching by the addition of jewelry, thus creating a contrast between the simplicity of Africa and the typically European sensual and sophisticated world.o.
All the clothes in the collection are created with strictly printed fabrics using eco-sustainable techniques, food fibers or organic cotton in the sign of real respect for the environment that is not just mere propaganda.a.

by the editorial staff
photo by Marco De Nigris